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How long does the warranty last?


New Lexus models come with a four year / 50,000 mile (whichever occurs first) basic warranty. This covers almost everything on the vehicle except normal wear and maintenance items.


Powertrain is additional coverage that lasts for six years / 70,000 miles (whichever occurs first), and typically consists of engine components, transmission, differential and a few others.


L/Certified models are covered for two years / unlimited miles after the expiration of the new vehicle warranty OR two years from your purchase/lease date (whichever occurs first). Please see your service advisor for a list of L/Certified warrantable conditions.


Finally, some very specific components of your vehicle may carry and even longer warranty. They require some research to establish a warrantable condition, see your service advisor for additional details.


Do I need to perform recommended maintenance to keep my warranty in effect?


Yes, Lexus requires vehicles be maintained to their standards to validate the new vehicle limited warranty. In the event a potentially warrantable condition occurs and the vehicle has not been maintained at a dealer, Lexus will require copies of maintenance records.




Is there a charge for loaner vehicles?


No, loaner vehicles are provided free of charge. We have over 100 of them. They are all Lexus vehicles and typically less than two years old with less than 10,000 miles.


Why do you charge a fuel fee for loaner vehicles?


Fuel is a very large expense. We charge a $7.45 convenience fee if you prefer to leave the fueling up to us. You may replenish the fuel used and pay nothing if you prefer. Our fee simply helps recover a small portion of huge fuel expenses.




Do you offer free washes whenever I want?

No. We are not staffed to operate as a freestanding car wash. However, we always offer a free car wash when servicing your vehicle here.


Why is my mat in the trunk?

Lexus strictly prohibits “stacking” of floor mats, which simply means placing another set of mats on top of existing floor mats. Stacked floor mats may interfere with either the brake or accelerator pedal. We place additional floor mat(s) in the trunk to avoid any potential unsafe situations.


I need roadside assistance, can you help?

We can always help. However Lexus has provided all guests with a dedicated 24-hour help line at 1-800-25LEXUS (1-800-255-3987). This should be your first call for any roadside emergencies. If your emergency is at night, out of town, or even on a holiday, Lexus will send AAA to assist.


I got a new phone, how do I sync it with the car?

Many of our systems are different; however some basic general principals apply. To sync your phone to your vehicle, ensure the following conditions are met:

     • Ensure the Bluetooth feature is enabled on your phone

     • Ensure the vehicle ignition is on, and the vehicle is in PARK.

Next, click on your MENU button located either on your dash board or center console.

Next select SETTINGS or SET UP.

Next select BLUETOOTH. From there you typically add or register a new device.


Do you offer navigation update? How much are they? What do they include?

oYes! Navigation updates are still available for nearly every navigation system. Lexus has TEN generations of software, each is different in their design and information. We typically carry all of these updates in stock. Please contact your service advisor for pricing and details, as this varies per year/model.


Why does my oil get changed once a year? What if I change it more often - will that hurt my car?

This depends on your vehicle model and what the maintenance manual states for your model and engine. Most, but not all, of our vehicles require synthetic oil (0w-20), which requires changing every 12 months/ 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first.


Please note that time deteriorates your fluids just as usage can. In addition, our climate is dry, very dusty and extremely hot for a majority of the year. Operating your vehicle in Arizona can be categorized as heavy duty or extreme use. During these conditions, most manufacturers, including Lexus, make provisions and adjustments in the maintenance manual to compensate. Often, but not always, they bring the oil service interval back down to 5,000 miles.


For those who want to adhere to the 3,000 or 5,000 mile intervals, we are happy to accommodate. You cannot over-maintain your vehicle and it most certainly will not hurt anything.


What is the oil change interval?

Conventional oil vehicles = 5,000 miles OR 6 months.


Synthetic oil vehicles = 10,000 miles OR 12 months


Why does my car need service between oil changes?

First and foremost, Lexus wants you to be safe. 10,000 miles/1 year is a long distance/time to go without a check-up. In 10,000 miles/1 year, you may go from a safe to an unsafe condition. As an example, Lexus brakes are designed to be quiet and clean with reduced brake dust, which results in a faster wearing pad than in other vehicles. Depending on driving conditions, technique and environment, brake pads can wear from good to dangerous in less than a year. The same example applies for tires, leaks, batteries and others.


Other important items we service and inspect at the 6 month interval are: battery, suspension settings, engine air filter, cabin air filter, fluid levels, etc. We also rotate and set pressures on tires, prolonging their life and preserving the smooth ride you’re accustomed to as a Lexus driver. We’ll be sure to address any issues and advise on their condition with expert recommendations at every service interval.


Why did my car need an alignment? / Why did my car need an alignment and tire balance at 15,000 miles?

Lexus is committed to an uncompromised ride quality, reduction of noise and increased driver “feel.” This is accomplished by the engineering of their suspensions and special tire selections. Lexus suspensions are very sensitive and designed to be adjustable at all four wheels. Tires are in large part selected or specially-designed premium tires for your specific model. Typical characteristics of tires manufactured with very soft rubber compounds are: smooth ride, extreme grip and immensely quiet. The downfall of all these positive features is increased wear.


Simply put, these higher quality tires wear out faster than others on the market. It’s absolutely imperative to ensure your vehicle’s suspension and alignment are perfectly in tune to eliminate any excessive drag or friction-inducing conditions that manifest in excessive tire wear. Having your alignment checked and completed every 15,000 miles is valuable insurance when compared to the significant cost of having your tires wear out much faster than they should.


In addition, say you bump a curb a little harder than normal while parking, hit debris on the freeway, or take on a pothole at 45 MPH. These conditions can throw the alignment off. You may begin to experience excessive tire wear because of the misalignment, causing you to require a whole new set of tires – which could cost over $2000 - when all you needed to prevent abnormal wear was an inexpensive alignment for a fraction of the cost of new tires.


Does the recall apply to me? Will you notify me when it’s ready?

The best way to obtain information pertaining to your specific model is to call our service department with your 17 digit vehicle identification number. This is the only way we can accurately identify your vehicle, specific recall scenario and provide direction and information.

oLexus will send out direct mail to inform consumers of upcoming recalls, changes in recall information, parts availability and more. If you own a vehicle affected by a recall, Lexus will typically reach you by the address supplied at the time of purchase or current registration. If you’ve called and had your vehicle inspected for your parts order, then your service consultant will contact you as soon as parts arrive.


Did you test my battery? Why did it die right after service?

Often times, there is no rhyme or reason as to why batteries fail, especially if the temperature is consistently over 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside. High outside heat equates to under hood temperatures that are consistently over 200 degrees. Heat plays havoc with the internals of batteries. Every time your vehicle receives a minor, intermediate, or major service your battery is checked. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for batteries to test good one day and then fail a few days later.


Do you wash my car before applying paint sealant?

Yes! Along with a vacuum and window cleaning.




How do I turn my auto lights back on?

While each model is slightly different, there are some general guidelines to help you get back on track: Find the light switch, typically the stalk on the left side of the steering wheel that looks similar to your turn signal, and twist it until the AUTO function is selected.


I’m moving, will the dealer in my home state have access to my service files?

Yes, absolutely. All Lexus dealers share your vehicles service information, right down to the parts that were installed.


Why is my gas mileage so low? The window sticker said it would be higher.

Many factors affect gas mileage. Gas mileage on the window sticker is an estimated combined city and highway driving. Accurate gas mileage takes some time to build up. However, depending on driving conditions, be it stop-and-go or on the freeway, MPG will vary. Please note that the Monroney label indicates the BEST possible mileage the vehicle is capable of in perfect driving conditions with a consistent driver. Other factors that affect a vehicle’s MPG are maintenance, fuel octane, tire pressure, and excess weight in the vehicle.


Do I have to use 91 octane fuel?

This depends on the year and model of your vehicle. Please see the owner’s manual for fuel recommendations. Using a lower grade fuel than is recommended could lead to carbon build up on the engine, creating an engine knock. Higher octane fuel also tends to increase gas mileage. If you have specific questions or concerns on choosing fuel for your Lexus, please see your service advisor.


Why is the shop supply fee and why was I charged when all they did was rotate my tires and look at the car?

Every time you come in for service, your car receives consumables from us. We do not itemize these individually but instead choose to invoice it as a small percentage that almost covers our costs on these items. The dollar amount is capped at $45.99. Charging a percentage of the overall bill prevents us from having to individually charge you for 1oz of brake clean, two push pins, or one wheel weight for instance.


For maintenance or repair visits, this fee goes toward:























++++++++ MANY MORE ++++++++++++


For diagnosis only, detail or similar visits, we use the shop supplies fee to cover expenses on:











Do you have any coupons or discounts?

o Yes! We have new coupons every month. They can be found on our “service specials” or “parts specials” pages. Or simply click HERE for Service and HERE for Parts.


Do you have other questions? Please contact us at 480-502-5000. Or see Lexus’ FAQ page HERE.